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Logging Unit

ACE-3000 Mud Logging Unit
ACE-3000 Mud Logging Unit is a new generation of intelligent mud logging unit of SCOTON, providing final solutions for mud logging engineering in oilfields.

The system integrates powerful computer network technique, accident warning technique, 30s fast FID chromatographic technique, explosion-proof data bus transmission technique, highly accurate and reliable sensor technique, analysis and evaluation technique of rock samples such as geochemical, and quantitative fluorescence, and is the center of quick and comprehensive interpretation and evaluation of oil and gas on well-site.

The system can discover and evaluate oil and gas reservoirs quickly, monitor drilling engineering parameters and toxic gases such as H2S and CO2, thus ensuring drilling safety, enhancing drilling efficiency and reducing operation cost.

Now, ACE-3000 Mud Logging units are serving in many domestic oilfields and international markets such as Indonesia, Burma, Sudan, Madagascar and so on.

System Description
The system is made up of downhole tools and surface equipment. The downhole tools connected in the drilling-string can measure directional parameters and GR parameters, then send them to the surface. The waves are caught by the Surface Receiver. After amplification, de-noising and digital data acquisition, the data can be recovered, displayed and recorded by the computer, the directional parameters are displayed on the driller’s monitor. 

Application Area

  MWD of gas drilling and mixed medium drilling wells.
 Vertical drilling control.
 MWD of shallow formations and coal seam gas wells.
 Horizontal wells and directional wells that suitable for electromagnetic wave transferring.

Parameters Measured:
Well deviation, azimuth, tool face, temperature, GR, resistivity, annular pressure, etc.

Technical Specifications
Measure range and accuracy:

Deviation: 0180° ±0.2°

OD: 48mm

Azimuth: 0360° ±1.5°

Drill Collar OD: 4.75”, 6.5”, 7”

Tool face: 0360° ±1.5°

Carrier wave: 2Hz12.5Hz

GR: 0500API ±7%

Baud rate: 0.56.25 bit/s

Temperature: -25125

Formation resistivity: 21000Ω·m

Pressure: 105MPa

Continues working time: 200h

CWLT-A Casing Deformation Multiparameter Combination Logging Tools
During the oilfield developmentit has very important significance to know the casing damage status, study the damage mechanism as well as take correct measures of protection and repairment. Serious deformation and damage will affect normal production of oil wells. Therefore,  to accurately and efficiently detect deformation, corrosion and damage of casing will guarantee the normal production. CWLT-A casing deformation multiparameter combination logging tools can measure thickness, ID, and damage information of casing during one logging trip.

The combination tools consist of telemetry sub, multi-finger caliper series logging tools, electromagnetic inspection logging tools, electromagnetic thickness logging tools, GR & temperature & CCL logging tools. It can also be hooked up with segmented bond tools, and measure cement bond status while testing casing damage.

Multi-finger Caliper Logging Tool Series
Multi-finger caliper logging tool series can provide accurate measurement values of casing ID. Logging data with high quality can image 3D pictures of casing ID, and statistic data such as casing/tubing corrosion, deformation, bending etc. can also be calculated.
When starting logging, caliper will be opened by motor, gently pushed against the tubing or casing inner wall under the force of spring, then subtle changes of ID will be measured. The tools also include dip and relative orientation sensors which can be used for indicating well deviation.

Total length: 1500mm

Accuracy: ±1mm

Temperature: -30~175

Resolution: 0.1mm

Max pressure: 100Mpa

Max OD: 70mm

Max Logging Speed: 600 m/h

Measurement Range:
50140mm(24 Fingers)
80180mm(40 Fingers)
110270mm(60 Fingers)

Caliper can be replaced individually, the maintenance is convenient;
High measurement, high site work efficiency;
Defection location can be confirmed, well deviation information can also be obtained;
With the support of imaging software, the casing stereo imaging which is convenient to observe can be drawn.
Field logging data
Logging curves of 40 fingers, short casing location and 3D imaging:

Electromagnetic Inspection Logging Tools MDC43-A
MDC43-A can be successfully used in detecting casing thickness, corrosion, deformation, and indicating down-hole string structure, tool position. It also can be used for detecting the ferromagnetic materials which lay outside the casing, such as casing centralizer, surface casing, etc.

Temperature Range: -35~175

Max pressure:  100Mpa

Max logging speed:  300m/h

Suitable casing(tubing):  63mm324mm

Length:  2.1m

OD:  43mm

Fundamental error of casing thickness:

Single:  0.5mm

Double:  1.5mm

Minimum defection length of axial fracture in string detection:

2.5”single string:  50mm

5.5”single string:  70mm

Double string:  150mm

Minimum defection length of horizontal fracture in string detection: 1/6 circumference

Minimum diameter of hole defection: 30mm

Technological characteristics
Information of multi-pipe can be obtained during one logging trip, thickness data of multi-pipe can be calculated;
Auxiliary curves such as temperature and GR data can be used for interpretation;
Easy in operation and convenient in maintenance;
It is not influenced by oil sludge on the sidewall as well as fluid, oil and gas.

Electromagnetic Thickness Logging Tools MTC70-A
MTC70-A which is designed based by electromagnetic theory is used for detecting the damage of casing. The data include multiple parameters such as casing thickness, relative orientation, and deviation etc. The tool can be hooked up with multi-finger tools, Electromagnetic inspection tools, segmented bond tools and GR & temperature tools etc.

Max OD: 70mm

Length: 1750 mm

Max pressure: 100MPa

Temperature Range: -35~175

Measurement Range: 80mm250mm

Accuracy: 0.5 mm

Max logging speed: 450m/h


Technological characteristics
Array receive coils, coverage rate can reach 100%; Using far-field eddy current non-destructive inspection technology, same sensitivity in detecting the damage of inner and outer casing wall, can measure gradual corrosion compared with flux leakage technology; Can logging comb, inated with other, casing damage detection tools.

Segmented Electr, omagnetic Thickness Logging tools SEMTC-A
SEMTC-A adopt non-contacting sensor for measurement, and divide into 40 sectors which is different with MTC70-A.

Max temperature: 175

Measurement range: 85mm-180mm

Max pressur: 100MPa

Accuracy: 13%

OD: 80mm

Resolution: 9°

Transportation length: app.1730mm

Logging speed: 600m/h

Voltage: DC70 V~ 210V

Sensor type: electromagnetic

Current: 130mA


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