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Offshore Drilling Rig

This offshore drilling and workover rig has a modular structure to achieve fast installation, and can meet the hoisting requirements of different hoisting equipment. It can move in both longitudinal and transverse directions to achieve workover or drilling operations on every well location in the pad area of the ocean platform wellhead. With different structure and height, the basement can meet the layout requirements of a variety of guide rail spaces and deck surface. 
This rig has strong wind-resistance and an anti-vibration capacity. It’s  maximum wind-resistance capacity is 107 knots (without setback).
The use of Caterpillar or Detroit engines with an Allison hydraulic transmission box ensures safety and reliability. The offshore workover rig can be driven by VFD or SCR, and has high driving efficiency whilst still being easy to control.
The derrick is erect, front-open without guylines, and has a double or multi-section telescopic structure or tower type.
The structural parts have undergone surface anticorrosive processes. This includes a combination of spray-painting, baked painting, spray-aluminum and spray-zinc to meet the requirements of the ocean environment and climate.
The rig is equipped with
 auxiliary safety equipment such as H2S and a combustible gas monitoring system, fire control and safe alarm system, industrial monitoring system, and so on.
The solid-control equipment and well-control equipment can be equipped to meet the requirements of drilling and workover operations.

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