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Casing head & Casing spool

Casing head and casing spool use standard design, and can apply to all kinds of slip and mandrel type casing hanger.

•  Straight-bore Design

45¡ãshoulder design with high load capacity.

•  Side Outlet Connection Form

Pipeline thread side outlet

Threaded flange side outlet, design with VR plug.

•  Secondary Seal

Design with multi-structure secondary seals at bottom.

Installation can be performed on spot per different structure types, injection or non-injection can achieve seal.

•  Interchangeability of Casing Hanger

Casing hanger design with standard profile

Interchangeability between slip casing hanger and mandrel type casing hanger

•  Connection Forms between Casing Head and Surface Casing

Threaded bottom type

Welded bottom type

Slip bottom type

Tubing head

We can supply different types of tubing spool and tubing hanger under high pressure and crude environment, all the completion well system and equipment can meet or succeed the API 6A Standard.

Tubing hangers can be divided into three types: Rubber Seal, Rubber-Metal Seal, Metal-Metal Seal. The max working pressure is 20000Psi, equipped with reliable ¡°Y¡± type second seal. We can also supply different seal type product equipment including the under well control line and seal technology according to the requirement from customers.

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