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FUL-FLO Pressure Controlled Tester String

3 7/8¡± and 5¡± FB PCT string are sultable for terrestrial and marine vertical wells, direstion wells, cluster wells 5¡±, 5 1/2¡±, 7¡±, 9 5/8¡± formation test of cased holes. This test is based on the work of annulus pressure to operate downhole tools.This test string can also coperate with tubing conveyed perforating gun, formation testing and perforating from will be able to becompleted simultaneously when running and pulling the tool once. And the string can carry on acidizing, fracturing, and production testing of integrated operations.

This series of test string mainly consists of elevator plug, center shaft telescopic joint, RD circulating valve, RD safety circulating valve, OMNI valve, silding drain valve, setting out full bore valve, locked open well testing valve, LPR-N valve, RD breaker sampler, hydraulic circulating valve, bumper jar, RTTS safety joint, RTTS circulating valve, RTTS packer, electric bundle carrier and other components.

FB PCT string that produced by us have 3 7/8¡± and 5¡± specifications. Pressure rating is divided into 10000PSI and 15000PSI two kinds and all can prevent hydrogen sulfide and acid corrosion.

FUL-FLO Pressure Controlled Selected Tester Valve

FUL-FLO Pressure Controlled Selected Tester Valve is a new testing tool which relies on our own technologies for research and development. Of which, there are plenties of unique technology initiatives at home and abroad. Unique valve system has sealing property and high pressure opening easiness. Each tool is used only for high-temperrature, high-pressure oil and gas well testing. The full set of tools are designed according to anti-sulfur acid and can carry on acidizing, fracturing, perforating through tube and stage cementing jobs. The project has won support of SME technology innovation fund from the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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