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Machine tool & tools

CNC oil country tubing lathe

Main specification
Max. Swing over bed: 1,250 mm
Max. Swing over carriage: 890 mm
Range to turning diameter of pipe: 240 to 350 mm
Max. Length of work-piece: 5,000 mm
Max. Length to be turned: 4,800 mm
Max. Supporting weight between two centers: 6,000 Kg
Width of bed: 755 mm
Diameter of spindle inner hole: 360 mm
Range of spindle speed: 2 steps; automatic infinitely variable 5 to 315 r.p.m
Diameter of chuck: 1000 mm
Turret type: Vertical 4 positions made by Yantai Machine Tool Accessories Corp.
Size of tool: 32×32 mm
Ball leadscrew: Ф50×5 for X-axis; Ф80×10 for & Z-axis made by China
Travel of X-axis, cross travel: 610 mm
Rapid traverse of X & Z axis: X: 4000 mm / min; Z: 6000 mm / min
Feed range of X, Z-axis: X-axis, 0.1 to 4000 mm/min; Z-axis, 0.1 to 6000 mm/min
Threading range, 0.01 – 200 mm
Torque of X & Z-axis, servo motor: 30 Nm and 30 Nm
Max. Movement of tailstock sleeve: 300 mm
Diameter of tailstock sleeve: 160 mm
Taper hole of tailstock sleeve: Metric no. 80
Power of main motor: AC 30 KW
Inverter for adjusting speed of motor: China brand.
Movement of tailstock: Manual
Power of motor of oil pump: 1.5 KW
Power of cooling motor: 0.55 KW
Type of control system: TSK98TTA made in China
Power of the machine: 380V±10%, 50Hz±2%, 3Phase.

CNC Spiral drilling collar machine tool

Spiral drilling collar machine tool adopts three milling cutters to mill three spiral flutes of drill collar at the same time. Main technical content as follows:

, Work-piece Dimensions

1. Diameter of work-piece: Φ98Φ280mm;2. Length of work-piece: ≤10,000mm;
3Lead of spiral flute: Random;
4The work-piece reach the standard of SY/T5144-1997.

 Machine Structure
Machine’s basic structure is as drawing show.

1Machine has the horizontal bed and chilled steel guide rail.
2Under servo motor drive, the headstock can clamp drill collar turn the C direction motion, also can do the Z direction motion along the guide rail.
3Three milling heads into 120 degrees. The radial motion of X1, X2, X3 can be controlled automatically by CNC controlled servo motor.
4.There are two V shape hydraulic self-centering center frames in the back of the milling cutter. No matter how the work-piece’s diameter, the “< >” shape jaw’s center will not change.
5Two V shape hydraulic self-centering center frames can ensure the position of work-piece in the milling area and three milling cutter can work in the stable process system.
6Under the middle of the machine bed, there is a V shape hydraulic center frame. It will fully retracted position when don’t use it. When most of processing work-piece come into the machine, it will automatic eject to support the work-piece, and reduce weight deformation deflection.
7There is a feeding rest in the machine and can achieve to support the drill collar and load/unload the work-piece.
8There is a automatic chip clear in the bottom of milling head.
9This machine adopts all protective structure to ensure safety and good production conditions.

Ⅲ  Machine’s Function

1This machine can achieve three milling cutters process three 120°distribution spiral flute in the at the same time.as shown in figure);
2To process the single arc flute drill collar, machine Z direction feed one motion trip, work-piece turning (C), control the X direction’s depth of cut.
3To process the three arc flutes drill collar, machine longitudinal feed one motion trip, each of three cutters will cut out one flute of arc flutes, after longitudinal back, C direction dividing to cut another flute, to move times will finish the work-piece.

Deephole drilling & boring machine




Max boring dia.


Range of drilling dia.


Max boring depth


Workpiece clamped dia range




Height from spindle center to bed


Spindle bore diameter


Taper of spindle bore

φ85mm 1:20

Range of spindle speed

61-1000r/min 12kinds



Feed speed range

5-1000mm/min infinite

Carriage rapid-moving speed



Main motor power


Hydraulic pump motor power


Carriage rapid motor power


Feed motor power


Cool pump motor power

5.5kw  4 group


Rated pressure for cooling system


Flow of cooling system

100 200 300 400 L/min

Rated working pressure for hydraulic system


Max axial force for carriage support


Max clamping force exalted by carriage on workpiece


The machine is a special equipment for machining deep cylindrical hole of workpieces. It can be perfectly suited for drilling and boring through holes, blind and step holes in workpieces; such as ,spindle of various kinds of machines, many kinds of hydraulic oil  cylinders and cylinders.

It can perform not only drilling and boring but also rolling pressing. The method of the internal-removal chip is adopted in drilling forward or outer-remover is adopted during boring.

The machine is strong in rigidity of the bed , high in precision , and wide in spindle speed range. Feed system is driven by D.C wide adjusting speed motor .It is suitable for various processing methods of machining deepholes . Fixture of the guide carriage and clamping force of the workpiece are performed by hydraulic device and indicated by meter.

Various change-model products of the series can be supplied according to users requirement.


Jaw Chuck Lathe

Self-centering chuck

Independent chuck

Manually operated chuck

Steel body scroll chuck

Large diameter heavy duty chuck

Cast iron body scroll chuck

Mill arbor

Dividing Head

Rotary Table Series

Press milling universal


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