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Ultrasonic Testing
Introduction of ultrasonic testing machine

Our Ultrasonic detection equipment can be delivered to well site, storage for field service by truck directly.Horizontal Transfer the steel pipe into the machine, rotate the roller table driven steel pipe rotation, remove rust and sediment,  combined probe (20 channel high sensitivity focusing probe) inspect the steel pipe with full cover type, testing effect is good, high detection sensitivity, strong anti-jamming capability.

Technical parameter

Flaw detection sensitivity: according to BG/T5777-2008(L2 class axial axial slot injury)
Power voltage: 380V
Water source: production water supply
Inspection frequency: 0.5~15MHz
Inspection steel pipe diameter: 60~180mm
Wall thickness: 4~35mm
thickness/diameter ratio:¡Ü0.2
Inspect speed£º0~4m/min
Type of artificial inspect: artificial trough injury
Under report rate: ¡Ü1.5%
Rate of false alarm:¡Ü3%

Comprehensive Performance Index of inspection machine: according to YB/4082-2011

Machine type

SCOTON Ultrasonic testing equipment

Portable Ultrasonic  testing  equipment

Magnetic flux leakage testing device

Eddy current testing machine

Inspection type

Ultrasonic wave

Ultrasonic wave

Magnetic imperfection

Eddy current

Inspection range

100% integral

10% integral

100% integral

100% integral

Defect judgment

Horizontal(vertical) trauma

Horizontal(vertical) internal trauma

Inner corrosion, washout

Horizontal(vertical) trauma

Horizontal(vertical) internal trauma

100% integral

Horizontal(vertical) trauma

Front surface internal trauma

Horizontal(vertical) trauma

Report type

Classification of defect locations

Inspection description

Magnetic field curve

Eddy current curve

Interference factor

Steel pipe bending

Surface rusting, sediment

Coating,defect,wall thickness

Wall thickness

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